Designers Choice by NZ Florists

Let the Florist Choose

With the florist choice range, the designer will choose the best value freshest flowers and greenery on the day and produce a beautiful display.


Designers Cut Fresh Flowers - Bouquets NZ
Designers Cut Flowers
 $50 - BUY NOW 
Designers Bouquet - NZ Wide Delivery
Designers Bouquet
 $60 - BUY NOW 
Designers choice arrangement
Designers Arrangement
 $65 - BUY NOW 
Florists choice twelve roses displayed beatufully for delivery
Designers 12 Roses
$102 - BUY NOW
Sympathy sheaf for funerals and wakes
Sympathy Sheaf
 $70 - BUY NOW 
Sympathy Wreath for funerals and wakes
Sympathy Wreath
 $97 - BUY NOW 

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